Love Calling

I wake up to dim lamp light and go down to make lunch and send with a kiss off to work. I sit and read on the couch, review verses I’ve tried to stamp in my mind. Next in line is a shower, but I’m chilled so I fill the bath with water as hot as I can take, my book comes along. I read about Love, the One that makes the world go ’round. The water turns me bright pink and my heart is warmed with words.

Time to get out, ready to face the day. There’s a little one in my bed. I stroke her forehead. She stretches, opens her eyes, smiles, and reaches for me. I carry her, almost too heavy, to get her robe, wrapping her warm with me. I flip on the clock radio music to wake the oldest and youngest. I hear some disturbed rustling, but don’t see much interest in obeying the call of the music to waken.



Little robed one and I continue down to the kitchen, I assume the music will do its work and today it’s ok if they wake up slowly. I pour cereal–just happened to fit the day for love, but I’m waiting to pour milk until everyone is present before sogginess sets in. While I wait, I throw a cake mix through the beaters, I’m feeling festive for once (usually special days are here before I’m ready).



Oh . . . I bought a little gift for everyone, . . . but where was the place I so cleverly stashed them? This is a common problem of mine. I find them after just a bit of searching and set them out at each place. “Robed in purple” is so excited and can’t wait for the other two to find theirs . . . I suggest she go and tell the other two that there are gifts waiting for them . . . and heart-shaped cereal to boot!



The radio tunes weren’t doing any magic, but now I hear squeals and giggles, followed by footsteps finding the stairs. And I realize, what wakes anyone better than Love? Nothing else puts a spring in your step quite like something waiting for you.


Like our souls, stuck in sleep and protected under covers as if safe, need stirring. All calls to waken are in vain until we hear that One is waiting, the greatest news we’ve ever heard.