At the Gate

I love the airport . . .

Already a month ago, I stood waiting in the ramp leading down to the secured boarding gates.  My camera strapped behind my neck, I stood back a little. My husband and children waited in front, leaning to see Ojiichan & Obaachan come around the corner after their long journey from Tokyo.  Suddenly their faces emerged around the corner, first their eyes searchingly wide, but quickly closed as they recognized the only thing familiar and their smiles exploded.

It was at this gate my parents saw me off to Europe at age 17 to stay a month with a family dear to me. . .

It was at this gate, 4 years later, they watched me leave hand-in-hand with my new fiance’ to meet his family across the Pacific. . .

And it was at this gate that my father met his first grandchild for the very first time. . .

As I stood there a month ago, watching my parents-in-law arrive to see their only 3 grandchildren, I beamed.  I love this place . . .