Meet Me on the Bridge

Welcome to my new little spot! I have something just for you . . .

Madeleine L’Engle wrote in Walking in Water,

“The reader, viewer, listener, usually grossly underestimates his importance. If a reader cannot create a book along with the writer, the book will never come to life . . .

In reading we must become creators, . . . imagining the setting of the story, visualizing the characters, seeing facial expressions, hearing the inflection of voices. The author and the reader know each other; they meet on the bridge of words.”

When I say thank you for reading, I’m saying thank you for meeting me on the bridge, for giving birth to the words that somehow peck forth from my fingers. You make it all come alive and I do not create alone.


So thank you, a thousand times, for coming away with me here. I’ve got a few posts in queue, but have moved some of my favorite posts over from my last blog to get started. Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading my About page for now?

With high hopes for many gaps in my words to find bridges,


7 thoughts on “Meet Me on the Bridge

  1. I’m sooo proud of you for doing this. Your website looks so nice and you have God given talent….for sure didn’t get that writing ability from me!!! Have fun with it and I will have fun reading and learning from you.

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