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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the photo’s. You have a fresh, uninhibited approach to looking at life. I was glad to hear about this blog and will start to follow it. You have lots to share about being a mom, a wife, and most of all a strong Christian at heart.
    One blog I do not miss is from a lady by the name of Susan Miller in AZ. She heads up an organization called justmoved.org. It is for people that are newcomers to new cities and especially has a soft heart for military wives as they oftentimes move so frequently. When I moved to AZ after living in MN for 25 year she literally saved me from loneliness and the inability to transition easily to a new city, neighborhood, and complete way of life. I value her blog and it can inspire me for weeks on end. You will have to check it out. She is a strong woman of faith and substance.
    Thanks for sharing your heart and allowing yourself to be transparent. It is hard to find authentic women that are willing to share their stories. The good and the not so good. We are all imperfect and still in our weakness God can use us and be glorified. It is amazing the plans he has for us! Thank you again. Marlene

    • Marlene,

      Thanks for writing! How did you find me here? I will check out this blog you mentioned. I never thought for a moment that you would’ve experienced loneliness when you moved to Arizona. I feel bad for having that assumption and thanks for sharing. It was so nice to see you at the reunion, wish we could’ve chatted more! We’ll be in Minneapolis in early December and would be so nice if we could connect then. Let’s keep in touch! Love, Keri

    • Marlene, I replied to your comment earlier, but for some reason it is not showing up for me so I guess it’s lost in space! Thank you for leaving your thoughts, it’s great to hear from you! How did you even find me here? I feel bad for this, but it never crossed my mind that you would’ve experienced loneliness in AZ. I guess I thought you’d experienced more of life and loneliness would not be something you would have to deal with. Was it also difficult in its own way to return to MN after that . . . like reverse culture shock? I will take a look at the blog you mentioned. I’m always on the look out for inspiring writers. Thank you again for letting me know you were here! Keri

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